All Certified Sports Nutrition Specialists™ at the Nutrition Authority know exactly what the right products are for your individual goals. They’re ready to assist you in showing exactly what your body needs to get the results you’ve been looking for.

No matter how motivated and determined you are to your exercise program, you need a good nutrition program to follow in order to reach your goals. Unless you put the right fuel into your body, you’re not going to get the results you want.

Here at the Nutrition Authority we’ll show you the easiest way to eat properly, even with your busy lifestyle. One of our experienced Certified Sports Nutrition Specialists™ will customize your nutrition program according to your gender, age, height, weight, basic metabolic rate, the thermic effect of foods, your body composition, daily schedule, food preferences, etc. – all to calculate the perfect combination of nutrients for you.

These programs are based on science and research, not hype and folklore. After completing your initial assessment and scheduling your follow-up sessions, your CSNS will introduce you to the InBody Body Composition Scanner to get an in-depth analysis of your body composition. This is critical in accurate macronutrient assignment.

Your CNNS will then introduce you to the Lifebase platform that allows you to have total control and 24/7 access to your specific mealplan as well as consistent feedback and coaching. The Nutrition Authority is the exclusive home to the Lifebase platform.

A personalized nutrition program is the only proven way to get results every time and with the convenience and accuracy of the Lifebase platform, our clients are experiencing incredible and consistent results week after week, month after month. Visit your nearest Nutrition Authority location in Lincoln to get started on the right road to success.

At the Nutrition Authority, you will be able to benefit from the knowledge of our team of experts. Our Certified Sports Nutrition Specialists™ will tailor the right plan specifically for you to help you reach your goals. Our mission is to get you healthy and get you results! Your passion for results is our top priority.